Recipe for disaster



According to these officials, it is not just the smell that is disguised.

The same cakes, breads and buns that are covered with dirty cloths and baked with sewage-mixed ghee are then packed up and sold in clean, airy shops.

The back room of this particular bakery has a similar, attractive front. It has light streaming in and fans to stir in some fresh air. When the bakery owner was asked why the same clean environment was not replicated in the preparation room, he said, “All the goods are fresh so what’s the problem?”

He insisted the place was cleaned daily and was oblivious to evidence that proved otherwise, such as the spider webs dangling over a tub of butter. The presence of the DDO and the food inspector did not seem to make him think otherwise. In fact, he screamed angrily that he was being publicly humiliated. Continue reading


7 ways to beat summer weight gain

A study shows that women lose more weight during summer time. PHOTO: FILE

We typically blame the winter holidays and rich foods prepped by mum for winter weight gain. But summer foods can do just as much damage. As compiled from Healthmagazine and Seattle Sun Post, here’s how you can stay on track to fit into your summer wear.

Go easy on tea and lemonade

When you’re thirsty and water doesn’t seem to quench your thirst, a cold glass of lemonade or the Pakistani favourite, doodh patti, is considered as the perfect solution. But these drinks can be major sugar bombs, says Dr Brian Quebbemann, a bariatric surgeon in Newport Beach, California. “Commercially-sweetened iced tea or sugary teas made at home have over 80 Continue reading