Summer calling: Pakistan’s ‘menchant’ for fashion and fitness

Summer calling: Pakistan’s ‘menchant’ for fashion and fitness

As Pakistani men glory in securing third place on a poll ranking the sexiest nationalities in the world, there can’t be a better time to assess what makes them worthy of the accolade. With Fawad Khan being recently voted the third most desirable man in the world, and Ali Zafar bagging the ‘Most Stylist Import’ award in India, people may want to take note of what makes these men so suave. The Express Tribune speaks to dapper men in acting, music, sports, fashion and politics to explore their health and style mantra and what sartorial choices to make this summer.

Dressing in professional clothes comes with multiple benefits. Not only is it a likely requirement of your workplace, but such attire is also designed to make you appear confident, clean and polished. But the hot as blazes season may repel you from dressing dapper. Do not fear as you can always beat the heat by donning light colours. Continue reading