6 ways men too can elevate office style


1. FitFirst and foremost get the fit right. It should neither be too small nor too large; neither too short nor too long. A smaller and tighter size doesn’t flatter those gym workouts nor does bigger size reflect power or masculinity or weight loss. Get the fit that fits you well and flatters your body.

2. StyleFuse some colour into your ensemble. Just because you are going to work doesn’t mean you need to stick to the regular blue, white and grey that just makes you a part of the crowd. Try colours like lavender, yellow, or even pink. And if you want to go a step further, then move to stripes and checks. Continue reading


Pakistani Bridal Makeup Looks 2014 by ISIS Bridal Salon

All the long run brides look at Pakistani bridal makeup looks 2014 by ISIS bridal salon. Firstly, ISIS bridal salon may be a standard salon and it’s enclosed within the prime bridal salons in city.

pakistani-bridal-makeup looks

Source: fashiontrendsinpk.com